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Tamagotchi Maskutchi ✩ STICKER

Tamagotchi Maskutchi ✩ STICKER

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Guaranteed this little Tama will never die. Take Maskutchi with you wherever you go and have a Tama friend for life. 😊

You will receive 1 large vinyl stickers of the Tamagotchi Maskutchi from the original Gen 1 tama's, painted by me! This sticker features holographic stars and is printed on heavy duty water-resistant vinyl. It has a strong bond when applied to porous surfaces and is made of a heavy premium vinyl material.

This sticker art is painted by me and based off of some of my favourite drawings.

Stickers can be used for...

- day planners
- water bottles
- laptops
- notebooks

...and more! :)

Size is approximately 2.75".


YOU WILL RECEIVE 1 close cut stickers of Maskutchi printed on premium water-resistant vinyl. All art is created by me, and featured on my Instagram account, LeanneLand Art.

All of my stickers are painted from past events that I experienced and added into my daily art journal. You can see the backstory to each one of my stickers on my Instagram account (LeanneLand Art).



All of my stickers ship FREE!


These designs are for personal use only and may not be used commercially, resold or replicated/reproduced under any conditions.  Designs are copyright LeanneLand Art.


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